Most simple & safest ways to speed up your computer

Does your computer take several minutes to start up or shut down? Does it take forever to load up a webpage? If so your computer probably needs a cleanup. There are so many ways that you can do to speed up your Windows PC or laptop, however the problem is that some of them require extensive PC knowledge and you could be in risk stopping something that you shouldn't stop, and delete something that you shouldn't delete. Therefore, do not just go ahead following steps you found on the Internet. Here at New Paddy Electronics we'd like to teach you a few simple, and most safe ways to speed up your computer. We use Windows 7 as an example as it is the most popular Windows Operating System today.

1. Restart your computer - if your computer hasn't been restarted for a while, for example, you've always put it on "Sleep" instead of "Shut down", try Restart it.

2. Empty the Recycle Bin (if it contains rubbish files) - right click Recycle Bin icon on desktop, and click Empty Recycle Bin.

3. Perform a Disk Cleanup - click the Start icon, go to All Programs, click Accessories folder, then click System Tools, run Disk Cleanup and follow the instructions. You may safely tick every box and delete those files/folders suggested here by the Windows. Because most of them are Temporary files saved on your computer over time.

4. Perform a Disk Defragment - after Disk Cleanup, your computer speed should improve significantly. If not, you may want to run Disk Defragmenter. You can find this tool at the same place where Disk Cleanup tool is.

5. Remove unwanted program - unless you're absolutely sure what you want to remove/uninstall, do not try this. You might be in risk deleting some important Windows programs and could stop the whole operating system from running.

If you have performed step 1 to 4 (or possibly 5) and your computer speed still hasn't been improved, it could be the case that your computer needs either a software upgrade (install a new operating system) or hardware upgrade (add hard disk, ROM etc.), if so we suggest you to bring your laptop into one of our three branches in Dublin and let our technicians to take a look and give you some practical advice.

At New Paddy Electronics we often store brand new and quality secondhand PCs and laptops, we may even take in your old laptop (subject to further examination) and offer you great discount for a brand new or secondhand replacement. Why not pop in and talk to us today? To find out our locations, click here.

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